This is my legacy. It will all make sense in due time.


“There’s a simple process we will all have to go through in the pursuit of happiness, it’s been the same tracing back to thomas edison or connecting the dots to today’s titans of the world: We will want something very few people will understand because the majority of us start as close minded trend followers, We will pursue something and fail multiple times in that pursuit, trend followers of that time who’ve yet to find direction will put us down to make themselves feel comforted in their own failures, we occasionally break under the pressure of one-thousand to one telling us we’re wasting our time in the pursuit, we eventually find someone who believes in us enough to pick ourselves back up, we realize we are not and have never been alone in this pursuit but have just been far from other people courageous enough to pursue happiness over a comfortable living, after fulfilling happiness we unknowingly placed ourselves near the people we were meant to be now experiencing new things everyday in the passion that we’ve so choose to live for then see all others who aren’t there yet as lost people who find encouragement in their pursuit of happiness from people who have already overcome the hardships they are experiencing — The story has always been the same, the pain faced in the pursuit of happiness only lasts forever for those who give up when it’s worse and those who follow it through always find themselves in a better place than those who choose to live as a follower forever. This is the story of the pursuit of happiness, and until the day we go extinct it will always be the same, it’s how our species is built and time has shown we will always meet these steps in the human kind’s pursuit of happiness. We’re all on this pursuit, and as time will tell us over and over again the few of us that don’t find that happiness are those who give up during the worst times of their pursuit and choose to live life unfulfilled pursuing nothing of value to us instead of seeing our pursuit through to the end. Our greatest happiness lies at the end of the dark tunnels we have to fight through to reach it.” – JoJaxs


“knock knock. who’s there? I’m about to find out.” – [10/22/14]