When I was a kid I saw a world filled with ordinary people who didn’t expect much from their lives, a conveyor belt of carbon copies with different names that lived the same lives looking forward to Friday just to begin their nightmare again on Monday. Every person I had ever asked the question “what is your purpose in life,” they had no idea what to say, it was almost as if they were simply living life on auto pilot just doing what they saw everyone else around them doing; go to school, get a spouse, get a job, have kids, wait it out till they retire and pass without ever truly experiencing what it is like to live the life they wish they had. I decided it wasn’t fair for people to believe that that’s all there is to life before they ever got the chance to go after something different, so I decided to build myself as a figure that showed people there’s more to experience in life than simply existing to repeat the life that billions have lived and been disappointed by.

What most people are surrounded by is mediocrity, so other than television they believe that a mediocre life is the best they’re going to get because that’s all they see. At seventeen I decided to make my life purpose to achieve everything I possibly could with the time I have with the purpose of using my achievements to show others what is possible. Greatness is not a common occurrence so people start out surrounded by failures and quitters who were beaten down in life who go on to influence others that their experiences have taught them to believe a person’s visions, dreams and goals are only going to amount to a broken dream and wasted time; most of the world never had someone there to, not only, tell them the fact that anything you want to do in life is possible but also show them that anything we seek to do in life is possible, so I decided to make myself that figure
for anyone who needs one.

My sole purpose in life is to help create a movement of people who spend their lives doing what ever it takes to create the life and the opportunities they want. The only way the world progresses is by people doing things that have never been done before, every person who is influenced to quit is a lost opportunity. Every person who creates something new in the world, big or small, creates a new opportunity as well; an opportunity to inspire someone else to get what they want. I spend every moment of my life thinking of ways to create new opportunities for people to become the person they want to be, that will hopefully inspire another person to go off and achieve what they want by starting a consistent chain of new people creating a purpose in their life to give something new to the world.

The movement is taking action to set out to create the life we envision ourselves having, no matter the costs. The movement is deciding to take control of our lives and giving ourselves a purpose to fight for, fight for the ideas we have always wanted to create, fight for the dreams we have always wanted to live, fight for the chance to show people the world has more to offer than what we see from day to day and live for a purpose rather than living as another lost person who looks back on their life wishing they made something of their lives and chased their dreams instead of following a crowd who’s only path leads to disappointment in themselves from not straying from it.

Every person is born with the ability to change the course of humanity and I don’t intend to let the world tell them no. I have created myself with the mission to help inspire anyone including those who have no one to look to who can tell them they are capable of changing the world and lead a movement converting ordinary people into visionaries who aspire to give the world more than just another drone going through the motions in life. There are seven billion opportunities in the world and counting, I hope to inspire as many of them as possible to be different, to be a person the world will thank some day for going after what everyone told them was impossible.


We are all born to die. This may sound like a dark view to you but I believe it holds the key to understanding why we are here.
I understood my life purpose when I attained my anxiety disorder sophomore year of high school.

I discovered why I am here because the anxiety disorder opened my eyes to what the human mind is really capable of. Developing this disorder was not genetic. Up until my sophomore year of high school I had never done drugs but after saying no for so long I decided to give it a shot. After trying them once I had a great time, the second time I had a severe anxiety attack that set off a chain reaction of them to occur daily for months with no end in sight causing me to be so scared of the world that I couldn’t leave my room to experience anything. Five months into this I decided to stop being a coward and face the anxiety by forcing myself to leave my house. Six months in, I thought the anxiety was under control but by the seventh I noticed that the fear had only become subconscious. Ordinary tasks became so terrifying I began to envision each outcome I could die from if I did a simple task, anything I did was controlled by fear. The constant fear had become too much for me to handle and I decided to put an end to it.

I became sick of the anxiety controlling me so I set off on a conquest to control it. Twelve months later I had no longer feared the anxiety, I learned to make it my ally. The “anxiety” became a new form of adrenaline that made my hearing sharper, my vision clearer, and thoughts began to process so quickly that everything I had ever learned became applicable to anything. I started to push the limits of what this brain capacity was capable of by using every situation I was in as a learning experience. Adrenaline became activated at will with practice which sequentially increased performance, in any task, tenfold. It became useful due to the fact that attempting anything just once at this elevated state of mind was able to bring results such as taking my thirteen minute mile time to six, acquire a 640 word per minute reading level in just a single night of practice and completely rid me of all social anxiety to a level where I could know everything I needed to share with a person in order to create the perfect conversation, just by looking at them. Though some of these numbers may not be impressive to some, the amount of progress made in only three weeks of taking control of this was unreal. I needed to take it further, I decided to document my endeavors and use them to bring the best out of others,
from that day forward,, I became known as The JoJaxs.

Developing this has completely altered my perception of life. I don’t say this as a person who has found their purpose, I am saying this as a person who wants to bring the best out of anyone I come across in my lifetime; I am telling the world this as someone who wants everyone to be aware of the potential we all hold inside of us that waits to be unlocked. We are born with absolutely no predetermined reason for our existence. In short, we have no purpose. The beauty of being created with no purpose is that we are born with the option to choose the reason for our own existence. The only predetermined purpose for our lives, that one hundred percent of us will experience, is that we will be born and that we will die. But, in the time that we have been gifted to live it does not need to be spent expecting that one day someone else will tell you the purpose you were born for, we’re gifted the right to decide that for ourselves.

Each of us writes a story with our lives, the day you’re born is your first page and the day you die is your last. In that time we can decide how our stories will be remembered. I plan to use my time to learn to take full control of the human mind then go beyond what we believed to be the limits of the human body and inspire others to realize that we are beings meant to use the world to our advantage to work towards achieving what each of us believes will bring ourselves to our own unique version of self fulfillment; inspire us all to live for the experience of life rather than to give in to devoting our existence to a life forever spent slaving away to monotonous lifestyles that we see as a bother needing to be escaped from.

It’s our purpose to decide our self-given purpose. There can be no definitive answer to the meaning of our own existence because it is our right to decide of our life purpose, no other can decide it for us, it can not be rushed nor pre-determined.

I live for the idea that our purpose is to decide our purpose and act on achieving our self-given mission
because that is what we have deliberately chosen to use our lives for.

One day I hope to reach the whole world with my message.


“Training to be the best the world has ever seen is my message to show that anything is possible
as long as we never give up. It’s our gift to be able to build incredible lives, inspire innovative thinkers and
become a difference in someone’s life by pursuing what makes us happy,
and I’m here to share that message with the entire world.”
Josh “The JoJaxs” Jackson