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everything has changed. – [7/25/16]   “You don’t learn it until it’s too late; the thing about embracing your fears to conquer them is that one day you wake up to find that you’re the monster everyone now fears and you don’t know how to turn back. It’s you’re choice to decide how you’re going […]

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This is my legacy. It will all make sense in due time.   “There’s a simple process we will all have to go through in the pursuit of happiness, it’s been the same tracing back to thomas edison or connecting the dots to today’s titans of the world: We will want something very few people […]

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The World Is Not Enough

You’ll never conquer the world without learning how to get beaten down by it first, realizing it was too weak to keep you down motivates you that much more.

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We’re here to live

No matter where you go in life, never lose sight of the fact that life is about living to experience everything life has to offer. A lifetime is a long time for you to forget that after getting you caught up in jobs, money and all the other things the world will try to make […]

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A New Dawn

If there’s one thing I’ve seen that unites us all it’s that there’s a 50 percent split between humans, the ones who are going through hell to get to the place they want to be and the ones who have gone through hell to get to where they are; the thing we all have in […]

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Avoid Average

Mediocrity is a disease and the courage to stray from the average and do what the average sees as impossible is the cure. Never accept what mediocre people call “a normal life.” Normal to average people is merely living at the starting line of life never doing anything more than what their told, Life is […]

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Change Your Life

We don’t succumb to life’s demands, we work until life bows down at our feet and succumbs to ours. We weren’t born to die as a puppet for another, we were meant to work our way out of the average and conquer all that life has to throw at us until we have our fist […]

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Create An Aura

Raise your hand if you’ve used an iPhone in last year. Now, how many people can tell me about the history of the iPhone farther than those 3 bullet points they saw while scrolling through Instagram one day? Most of the world won’t remember the work you put into making a vision happen but the […]

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Everything in life is a risk. You can’t be afraid to take them. Even if you put your best efforts into never taking risks you have already failed because the act of never taking risks is a risk in itself. Don’t waste time on fearing the future, take advantage of the present now and create […]

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Create ideas, make plans and set them in action. You become what you say you are because your thoughts become your reality. Believe you’re successful and you will embody a successful person, you will begin thinking with the mind of a winner, and you will attain what you work for because you will have the […]

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