Create An Aura

Raise your hand if you’ve used an iPhone in last year. Now, how many people can tell me about the history of the iPhone farther than those 3 bullet points they saw while scrolling through Instagram one day? Most of the world won’t remember the work you put into making a vision happen but the visions you create will never be forgotten. The thing about fighting to create something you believe in is that the world doesn’t care about how hard you work to get your results or what you did to get there, they only care about your results and the fact that you won. Learn to work day and night without gratitude, opinions come when you take your own path to get what you want, opinions leave and gratitude takes it’s place once you’ve got it. You have no reason to care about what anybody else’s opinions until you win. If the work that went into something as revolutionary as apple can be looked passed by the same people who use those revolutionary products day to day then there is no reason to feel unsatisfied for not hear any gratitude for putting the work into an idea that has yet to revolutionize the world. — Gratitude comes with time, continue to create what makes you happy, if it makes you happy then opinions don’t matter and gratitude will only be the icing on your cake.