(All Tracks used in a JoJaxs Production)

1 Revolution Music – Epic Expedition
1 Revolution Music – Leader Of Men
1 Revolution Music – Pursuit Of Justice – Tom DiMartino
1 Revolution Music – Righteous Fall
1 Revolution Music – Salute To The Brave
615 Music – Fantasy
8 Dawn Music – Blades Of Destiny (Vivien Chebbah)
8 Dawn Music – Buried Power
8 Dawn Music – Facing His Destiny
8 Dawn Music – Flow
8 Dawn Music – This Is Why I Was Born
8Dawn Music – Facing His Destiny
8Dawn Music – Flow
ADN Compositions – Anti-Hero
ATLAS – Mistress Of The Burning Light
ATLAS – Non Omnis Moriar
ATLAS – Termination
ATLAS – Unknown Species
Aaron C. Edwards – Flesh or Steel
Abaco Music – Earth Defender
Adam Peters – Admission
Adam Peters – Disclosure
Adam Peters – Elite Hacker
Adrian von Ziegler – Crann Na Beatha
Adrian von Ziegler – Prophecy
Adrian von Ziegler – Prophecy
Adrian von Ziegler – Victorious
Aftermath – A New Generation
Alex Pfeffer feat. Malukah – Through the Night
Alexander Pfeffer – Starbuster
Alexandre Guiraud & Martin Hasseldam – Storm Forthcome
Alexandre Guiraud – Rebirth
Alexandros Nikolaidis – Echoes Of Fate [Pandora Extended] Alliance – Apocalypse Tomorrow
Alliance – Gamma Draconis
Alliance – Iron Dragon
Alliance – One Final Outpost
Alliance – Rise Above
Alliance – Stand Against
Alliance – Stand United
Alliance – Temporal Dimensions
Alliance – The Speed of Light
Alliance – We Overcome
Alliance – You Will Die Here
Andrew Prahlow – Untitled (Rise From The Depths)
Anima Doloris – Epic Vocal Music
Approaching Nirvana – Shadows’ Vigilante
Aran Zayne – Necrosis
Ardwin Winter – You’re a Legend
Arn Andersson & Nights Amore – Farewell Life
Arn Andersson – Annihilation
Arn Andersson – Dawn
Arvenas – Ancient Momento SC
Arvenas – Vale of Li’Shen
Assassin’s Creed 3 – Main Theme
Assassin’s Creed 3 – Welcome to Boston
Assassin’s Creed III – Trouble In Town
Assassin’s Creed Revelations – Scheduled for Deletion
Assassins Creed 3 – Modern Assassin
Assassins Creed Revelations – The Road to Masyaf
Atmosphere Music – Fight And Avenge
Audio Active – Rogue
Audio Buddha – Champions
Audio Network – Mars
AudioGrave – Final Breath
Audiofire Studios – Beyond the Horizon
Audiofire Studios – The Future of Mankind
Audiomachine – Akkadian Empire
Audiomachine – Algorithm
Audiomachine – Apollo’s Triumph
Audiomachine – Ascendance
Audiomachine – Ashes of Time
Audiomachine – Being Alive
Audiomachine – Beyond Freedom
Audiomachine – Continuum
Audiomachine – Danail Getz – Providence
Audiomachine – Enoch
Audiomachine – Epica
Audiomachine – Eulogium
Audiomachine – Fearless
Audiomachine – Fortuna Mala
Audiomachine – Gods of War
Audiomachine – Godspeed
Audiomachine – Gone Forever
Audiomachine – Guardians At The Gate [Pandora Version] Audiomachine – How the World Sees You
Audiomachine – Ides of September
Audiomachine – Ivan Torrent – Wars of Faith
Audiomachine – Journey Through the Portal
Audiomachine – Knights and Lords
Audiomachine – Land of Shadows Remix
Audiomachine – Legends of Destiny
Audiomachine – Millenium
Audiomachine – Providence
Audiomachine – Quantum
Audiomachine – Red Sorrow
Audiomachine – Return of the King
Audiomachine – Solace
Audiomachine – Supermoon
Audiomachine – Sura
Audiomachine – The Last Stand
Audiomachine – The Lost Continent
Audiomachine – The Seventh Fall
Audiomachine – The Voyage
Audiomachine – Truth Will Out
Audiomachine – Unfinished Life
Audiomachine – Wars of Faith
Audiomachine – When It All Falls Down
Audiomachine – the Prophecy
Audiomachine Journey Through the Portal
Audiomachine _ Knights and Lords
Axel Rosenberg – Straight From Within
Axl Rosenberg – Aithérios
Axl Rosenberg – Ascendance
Axl Rosenberg – Fox Hunter
Axl Rosenberg – Into The Wild Chapter II [Pandora Shortcut] Axl Rosenberg – Into the Wild
Axl Rosenberg – Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
Baptiste Thiry – Ruthless
Batman Arkham City – Main Theme – Greatest Video Game Music 2
Beyond Music – Dragon Ace
Black Phoenix Music – A New Dawn
Black Phoenix Music – Elven`s Dawn (feat. Julie Elven)
Black Phoenix Music feat. Julie Elven – Elven’s Dawn
Blue Wolfie Music – Seismic Shift
Blue Wolfie Music – The Last Battalion
Brand X Music – Auryn
Brand X Music – Everlasting
Brand X Music – Fight Or Flight
Brand X Music – Halfway Home
Brand X Music – Illumination
Brand X Music – Illumination (Aeone Watson)
Brand X Music – Mythos
Brand X Music – Return Of The Dragon
Brand X Music – World Without End
Brand X Music – Zero Hour
Brickwall Audio – Crusader Of Glory
Brickwall Audio – Night Hunter
Brickwall Audio – Night Hunter (Erik Ekholm)
BrunuhVille – Our Hero (feat. Sham)
Bruton Music – Hope To Many (Louise Dowd & Neil Pollard)
C21 FX – After the Fall – Christopher P. Bragg
C21 FX – Ancient Evil – Cody Still
C21 FX – Blood Red Roses
C21 FX – Dream Space
C21 FX – Fallen Heroes
C21 FX – Gone But Not Forgotten
C21 FX – Halcyon
C21 FX – Legacy
C21 FX – Perception
C21 FX – Surrounded
C21FX – After The Fall
C21FX – Are we alive
C21FX – Aurora
C21FX – Contact
C21FX – Destroyers of Skies
C21FX – Fallen Heroes
C21FX – Gone But Not Forgotten
C21FX – Solace
Cavendish Music – Final Challenge
Cavendish Music – The Hunt
Cavendish Trailers – Carved From Fire
Cengizhan Yavuzer – Angels
Cengizhan Yavuzer – Kemikten Kafes
Charles Evans – Things Worth Fighting For
Christian Baczyk – Ascension
Christian Baczyk – Continuum
Christian Baczyk ft. Kashia Vu – Aspiration
Christopher P. Bragg & Nick Joyce – Blood Red Roses
Christopher P. Bragg – Acedia
Christopher P. Bragg – After the fall
Christopher P. Bragg – Are we alive
Christopher P. Bragg – Aurora
Christopher P. Bragg – Brave new world
Christopher P. Bragg – Contact
Christopher P. Bragg – Disinformation
Christopher P. Bragg – Dream space
Christopher P. Bragg – Eastern promises
Christopher P. Bragg – Expendable
Christopher P. Bragg – Fallen heroes
Christopher P. Bragg – From Ashes He Will Rise
Christopher P. Bragg – Gone but not forgotten
Christopher P. Bragg – Halcyon
Christopher P. Bragg – Keeper of the gate
Christopher P. Bragg – Life without sense
Christopher P. Bragg – Motion
Christopher P. Bragg – Perception
Christopher P. Bragg – Pride
Christopher P. Bragg – Surrounded
Christopher P. Bragg – The great divide
Christopher P. Bragg – Total chaos
City of the Fallen – Fire and Ice
City of the Fallen – Forgiven
Clarence Yapp – Human1zati0n
Claudie Mackula – On A Quest
Clearspeaks Music – Affinity
Clearspeaks Music – Corrective Damage
Clearspeaks Music – Uprising
Cody Still – Ancient evil
Cody Still – Legacy
Cody Still – Temple of Warriors
Cristian Onofreiciuc – A Reflective Thought
Cristian Onofreiciuc – Beyond the Stars
Cristian Onofreiciuc – Celestial Places
Cristian Onofreiciuc – Creation of Life
Cristian Onofreiciuc – Extraordinary Way
Cristian Onofreiciuc – Imagination
Cristian Onofreiciuc – Planetary
Cristian Onofreiciuc – Polar Shift
Cristian Onofreiciuc – Sonority
Cristian Onofreiciuc – The Milky Way
Cristian Onofreiciuc – The Wonders of the Universe
Critical Mass – Out Of The Ashes
Critical Mass – Prophecy Of Divine Judgement
Critical Mass – Prophecy Of Divine Judgement (David Reynolds)
Cue Factory Music – Saturn (Carlos Martinez)
Cue Factory Music – This Is Our War (Carlos Martinez)
Cue Storm Music – League Of Thieves
Cue Storm Music – Skyrise
CueFonix – Beyond
Cypher TM – Upon This Field Of Tears I Stood
DE-Tune – Salvation
Danny Cocke – Disarmed
Danny Cocke – Forging A New Light
Danny Cocke – Great Deceiver
Danny Cocke – Metamorphosis
Danny Cocke – Nemesis
Danny Cocke – Our Only Hope
Danny Cocke – Pantheon
Danny Cocke – Reborn
Danny Cocke – Spirals Of Time
Danny Cocke – The Quickening
Danny Cocke – To Be Awoken
David Bruggemann- Take My Hand
David Bruggemann- The Reveal
David Eman – We are here for each other
David Eman – Zephyr
DeVso Music – Rise
DeWolfe Music – Nerves Of Steel
Departure – Rick Horrocks
Derek’s Soundlab – Sacrifice II
Deus Ex Human Revolution – Icarus Main Theme
Devesh Sodha – Through The Shadows (ft. Aeralie Brighton)
Dirk Ehlert – Excelsior
Dirk Ehlert – Miles Gloriosus
Dirk Ehlert – Remember
Dirk Ehlert – Salvation
Dirk Ehlert – Stargazer
Dos Brains – Beyond Heaven (Full Mix)
Dos Brains – Eternal Light
Dylan C Jones – Malefic
Dylan C. Jones – Osiris
E.S. Posthumus – Arise
E.S. Posthumus – Harappa
El Dorado – Two Steps from Hell
Elephant Music – Age of the Universe
Elephant Music – Amplitude
Elephant Music – Andromeda
Elephant Music – Dawn of Time
Empire Syndicate – Blood Of A New World
Empire Syndicate – Northern Lights
Empire Syndicate – The Waiting Game
Endgame – Forgotten Realms
Eon Sounds – God Of Asgard
Epic North – This Is The Future
Epic North – This Is The Future
Epic Score – 1000 Year Old Battle
Epic Score – Journey Beyond The Sky
Epic Score – Journey Beyond the Sky
Epic Score – Nothing Can Stop Us Now
Epic Score – Something To Believe In (Gabriel Shadid)
Epic Score – Strength To Believe
Epic Score – Their Fight Is Our Fight
Epic Score – You Were Born For This
Epic Soul Factory – Beyond Our Dreams
Epic Soul Factory – Everdream
Epic Soul Factory – Hero Memories
Epic Soul Factory – Made of Stardust
Epic Soul Factory – Sigma
Epic Soul Factory – The Gift of the Gods
Ethos Music – Final Hope
Ethos Music – Nothing Left To Lose
Eugel Music – Now i realize
Eugel Music – Spirit of pandora
Evan King – Odin
Evan King – Overwatch
Evan King – Titan Striker
Evgeny Emelyanov – Awake
Evgeny Emelyanov – Children of water
Evgeny Emelyanov – Kaleidoscope
Evgeny Emelyanov – Sorrow
Exist Strategy – Horizon Aura
FineTune Music – Abeyance
Fired Earth Music – Aphelion
Fired Earth Music – Aphelion (Jesper Kyd)
Fired Earth Music – Apocalyptic Dawn (Jochen Flach)
Fired Earth Music – Black Angels Rise
Fired Earth Music – Dying Is Easy
Fired Earth Music – Men at Arms (Mark Petrie)
Fired Earth Music – Phantasm
Fired Earth Music – The Sorcerer (Charles Evans)
Fired Earth Music – Wrath Of The Universe (Inon Zur)
Fringe Element Music – Goliath
Fringe Element Music – Goliath (David Edwards)
Full Tilt – Awake
Future World Music – Birth of A Hero
Future World Music – Descent Back To Earth
Future World Music – Eternal Love
Future World Music – Final Affliction
Future World Music – For The Glory
Future World Music – Journey to Pandora
Future World Music – Journey to Pandora
Future World Music – Quest for Freedom
Future World Music – Spiritual Awakening
G Empire Music – Fallen City
Game of Thrones – The Rains of Castamere
Gargantuan Music – On The Shoulders Of Giants (ProofSound)
Gargatuan Music – Fearless
Gina Brigida – Atlantis
Gina Brigida – Ring Of Enchantment
Globus – In Memoriam
Globus – Orchard Of Mines
Gonzalo Martins – The Prophecy
Gothic Storm – All Is Not Lost
Gothic Storm – Anti-Hero
Gothic Storm – Defender Of Worlds (Chris Haigh)
Gothic Storm – Inside Story
Gothic Storm – Look To The Stars
Gothic Storm – Our Only Hope
Gothic Storm – Surge
Gothic Storm – Tortured Heart
Gothic Storm Music – Last Stand (Chris Haigh)
Gravity – Steven Price
Gregor Narholz – Legacy
Gregor Narholz – To Believe and Fight
Groove Addicts – Interstellar
Groove Addicts – To Glory
GrooveWorx Trailers – Hyperventilation
GunPowderBob – Everything Ends Here
Hans Zimmer – One Day
Heavy Hitters Music – Hope And Redemption
Heavy Melody – Access Protocol
Heavy Melody Trailers – Access Protocol
Hundred Days Music – Exodus
Hybrid Two – Cybernetic Haze
ICON Music – Mainframe Disturbance
ICON Trailer Music – A Legacy Uncovered
ICON Trailer Music – Dawning Promises
ICON Trailer Music – Luminous Rumination
ICON Trailer Music – Mainframe Disturbance
ICON Trailer Music – Origins Unveiled
ICON Trailer Music – Rise Of The Depths
Ian Dolamore – Ascension
Ian Dolamore – Burning Rain
Ian Dolamore – Immortality
Ian Dolamore – Vigilante
Ice 9 Music – Heaven Or Hell
Icon Audio – Aeon Redux
Icon Audio – Awakening
Icon Audio – Emerge
Icon Trailer Music – A Legacy Uncovered [Pandora Extended] Iconic Audio – Conviction
Iconic Audio – Drifter
Iconic Audio – Fury
Iconic Audio – Mass Extinction
Iconic Audio – Salvation
Iconic Audio – Vendetta
Immediate Music – Burning Sky
Immediate Music – Cataclysmic (Thomas Vo)
Immediate Music – From The Light
Immediate Music – Kingmaker
Immediate Music – Lords Of The Realm
Immediate Music – Pandora (Extended Version)
Immediate Music – Pandora’s Heaven
Immediate Music – Pandora’s Heaven
Immediate Music – Pandora´s Heaven [Pandora Extended] Immediate Music – Phantom Of The Omega
Immediate Music – Prometheus Rising
Immediate Music – Sanctus Immortale
Immediate Music – Solarity
Immediate Music – The Breach
Immediate Music – The Breach (StarCraft II Heart of The Swarm – Trailer Music)
Immediate Music – The Journey Home
Immediate Music – Triumph
Impact Music – Broken Mind
Impact Music – Pandemonium
Impact Music – Storm Racer
Impact Music – Swan’s Death
Inside Tracks – Coalition Of The Brave (David Edwards)
Instrumental Core – And The Deaths Will Be Back
Instrumental Core – Become A Legend (Dubstep Mix)
Ivan Torrent – Before I Leave This World
Ivan Torrent – Dandelion
Ivan Torrent – Icarus (feat. Julie Elven)
Ivan Torrent – Luminous Days
Ivan Torrent – One Of Us (ft. Julie Elven) [Pandora Vocal Extended] Ivan Torrent – Release My Heart
Ivan Torrent – Remember Me
Ivan Torrent – Supernova
Ivan Torrent – TH3 AWAK3N1NG
Ivan Torrent – The Light Crusaders
Ivan Torrent – The Power Of Will [Pandora Extended] Ivan Torrent feat. Julie Elven – ICARUS
J.T Peterson – Echoes Of Pandora
J.T Peterson – Rise
J.T. Peterson – The Trailer
J.T. Peterson – The Trailer
Jack Trammell – Compelled
Jack Trammell – Forever in a Day
James Pagget – Vulcan
Jamie Salisbury – Beyond and Above
Jasper Blunk – Heart Of Gold
Jeff Broadbent – Dawngate
Jeff Broadbent – Shaper Select Theme
Jeffrey Hayat – King Of The Fishermen
Jeffrey Hayat – Requiem
Jeremiah Pena – Across Infinity [Switch. Trailer Music] Jeremiah Pena – Collapse Reality
Jeremiah Pena – Do Not Fail Us [Switch. Trailer Music] Jeremiah Pena – The Fallen Ones
Jimmy Ferrufino – Extinction
Jo Blankenburg – Garador’s Flight
Jo Blankenburg – Imperatrix Mundi
Jo Blankenburg – Renascence
Jo Blankenburg – Vendetta
John Dreamer – Becoming A Legend
John Dreamer – End Of My Journey
John Dreamer – Rise
John Samuel Hanson – Revolution
Jonathan Beaudette – Battalions Unite
KPM Music – Monument To Humanity
KPM Music – The Offering
KPM Music – Written In The Stars
KPM Music – Written In The Stars
KPM Music – Written in the Stars
Kari Sigurdsson – Ascension
Kari Sigurdsson – Dark Frontier
Kari Sigurdsson – Prometheus
Kari Sigurdsson – Sequence of events
Kari Sigurdsson – Skyline
Kari Sigurdsson – When our journey ends
Kawai Kenji – Kishi Ou no Hokori
Keith Merrill – The Ascent
Keith Merrill – The Ascent
Kelly Andrew – Forgotten Past
Kelly Andrew – The Incursion
Killer Tracks – Arisen
Killer Tracks – Legacies
Killer Tracks – Nation Rises
Killer Tracks – Nation Rises (Ryan Amon)
Killer Tracks – One Destiny
Killer Tracks – Saving Humanity Amon
Krale – Only One Shall Rule
Kurt Tomlinson – Final Escapade
Kurt Tomlinson – Post Apocalypse
Kyle Robertson & Jochen Flach – Honor and Glory
Lazzaro Music – Guardians Of Minaria (Frank Barre)
League Of Legends – Season 3 Main Theme
Lion’s Heart Production – The Final Hour
Lions Heart’s Production – The Final Hour
Liquid Cinema – Aeterna
Liquid Cinema – Leviathan
Liquid Cinema – Soldier Of Fortune
Liquid Cinema – Soldier Of Fortune (David Edwards)
Liquid Cinema – Voyage
Lisa Gerrard – Now We Are Free
Lord of The Rings – May It Be
Lorne Balfe – Modern Assassin (AC3)
Lorne Balfe – Scheduled for Deletion
Lorne Balfe – The Wounded Eagle
Lorne Balfe – What Came Before
Lorne Balfe AC3 – Main Theme
Luis Alvarez – Last Battle
Luis Alvarez – Last Battle
Lukas Kapelke – Rise of the Archangel
MW Score – Pristine Island
MX Music – The Gates Of Inifinity
Magnus H. Tellmann – Exile
Manfightermusic – Cyber WaRfare
Manfightermusic – Hanami
Marcus Warner – Africa (C21FX)
Marielle Brinda & Christopher P. Brag – Awakening
Mark Petrie – Anatum
Mark Petrie – Exoskeletal
Mark Petrie – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Mark Petrie – Maru
Mark Petrie – New Dawn
Mark Petrie – Omega Point
Mark Petrie – Prioioxis
Mark Petrie – Prophecy Fulfilled
Mark Petrie – Unification
Martin Kirkhaug – Final Approach
Mass Effect 3 – A Future for the Krogan – An End Once and for All
Mattashi – Infiltrate
Matthew L. Fisher – Powerful Cinematic Trailer
Matthew L. Fisher – The Almighty
Matthias Verbinnen – Fall Of An Angel
Mattia Turzo – Fight of Glory
Max Cameron – Natus Vincere
Max Cameron – Natus Vincere
Max Cameron – Reborn
Max Legend – For All Of Us
Max Legend – The Fall And Rise
Mervin Mathew – Take Your Stand Against
Mervin Mathew Pillai – The Undefeated
Michael Maas – Arabic World
Michael Maas – Bittersweet
Michael Maas – Me Solei
Michael Maas – Way to Darchan
Michael Maas feat. Julie Elven – Supernova
Michael Maas feat. Mike Holt – Hymn of Gods
Michal Cielecki – S3r3n1ty
Might & Magic Heroes VI – The Last Stand Of Duke Pavel Griffin
Mighty Generation Music – Immortal Guardian
Mitchell Tanner – Inflection
Montee – Ray Of Hope
Music Junkies – Brutal Revolution
Music Junkies – Fatal Fantasy
Must Save Jane – Universe Last Day
Must Save Jane! – And So It Begins
Mystifying Meldodies – Broken Wings
MythFox – Rebirth
MythFox – Time To Come
Natanel Arnson – Final Stand
Natanel Arnson – Starboard Victory
Neal Acree – Night Elves 1
Neal Acree – Nightsong (feat. Laurie Ann Haus)
Ninja Tracks – Conversions
Ninja Tracks – Destroyer Of Worlds
Ninja Tracks – Eon
Ninja Tracks – Pretender (Captain America – Trailer Music)
Non-Stop Music – Edge Of The World
Nordwise – Eurasia
Nordwise – Evolve II
Novem Music – Immortals
Nuclear Winter – Halo Jump
Olexandr Ignatov – Dramatic
Olexandr Ignatov – Emotions
Olexandr Ignatov – Inspirational Piano
Olexandr Ignatov – Intense Cinematic Trailer Music
Onur Tarcin – Endless
Onur Tarcin – Infinity
Or Kribos – Betrayal
OtherWorld – Vengeance
OtherWorld Trailer Music – Colossus
OtherWorld Trailer Music – Vengeance
Otherworld Trailer Music – Colossus
PP Music – Starbuster (Alex Pfeffer)
Patrick Digby – The Kingdom Rises
Patryk Scelina – Facing The Enemy
Patryk Scelina – Sky Is Not A Limit
Patryk Scelina – The Dream
Patryk Scelina – We are here for each other
Peter Crowley – Exodus
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream – Illusion
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream – The End Of A World
Peter Roe – Last Hope
Peter Roe – On the Edge
Peter Roe – One Love
Peter Roe – Queen of the Ocean
Peter Roe – Time Traveller [Pandora Version] Petteri Sainio – Fearless
Pfeifer Frankfort Music – Grab Malign
Phantom Power Music – Never Surrender
Phantom Power Music – Overpowered (Vivien Chebbah)
Phantom Power Music – Sweet Revenge
Phil Rey – Ronin
Phil Rey – Sword of Justice
Phil Rey – The Axe of Honor
Phil Rey feat. Felicia Farrere – Revelation
Philip Timofeyev – Champion
Philip Timofeyev – Wisdom of the Wolf
Phillip Lober – Empyrean
Phillip Lober – Final Light (ft. Kelly Ryu)
Phillip Lober – The Honor In Her Efforts
Pitch Hammer Music – Rebirth Of Desire
Position Music – Abandoned Freedom
Position Music – Dystopic
Position Music – Emerge
Position Music – Forever In A Day
Position Music – Forging A New Light
Position Music – Imperatrix Mundi
Position Music – Imperatrix Mundi [Pandora Extended] Position Music – Kingdom of Avilion
Position Music – Praetorian Guards
Position Music – Resolution
Position Music – Stand And Become Legendary (Jack Trammell)
Position Music – Thundering Sky
Position Music – Vendetta
PostHaste Music – Above The City
PostHaste Music – Coronation
PostHaste Music – Embolden
PostHaste Music – Exoskeletal
PostHaste Music – Foundation
PostHaste Music – Legendary Quest
PostHaste Music – Pulse
PostHaste Music – Pulse (Jonathan Geer)
PostHaste Music – Riven
PostHaste Music – Riven (Mark Petrie)
Proofsound – As The World Falls
Proofsound – Battlescars
Proud Mission – Epic Score
Purgatorium Of Sounds – Boundary (Michael Riske)
Purgatorium Of Sounds – Traitors Everywhere (Michael Riske)
Q-Factory – Heroic Ascension
R. Armando Morabito (ft. Julie Elven) – Angel
R. Armando Morabito – Invictus (feat. Uyanga)
R. Armando Morabito – Rising Force (feat. Tina Guo)
R. Armando Morabito – Sea of Atlas (ft. Julie E. & Tina G.)
RH Soundtracks – Departure (Rick Horrocks)
Rannar Sillard – Affinity
Really Slow Motion – Aeorien
Really Slow Motion – Homecoming Warrior
Really Slow Motion – Mana (feat. Julie Elven)
Really Slow Motion – Reborn From Ashes
RipTide Music – Death & Rebirth
Riptide Music – Requiem
Riptide Music – United We Stand
Riser – Alexander DeLenfer
Rodney Spence – Fallout
Rodney Spence – The Last Transport
Ron Morina – The Fallen
Rumble Head – Beat Them Senseless
Rumble Head – Beneath The Vaulted Sky
Rumble Head – The Day Will Come
Rumble Head – Voyage
Ryan Taubert – Soul Battles
Ryo Ishido – Nemesis III
Ryo Ishido – Nobody Dies In Dreamland
Ryo Ishido – Stay
SIG Music – The Eagles Are Coming
Salim Daima – Ascension
Sawano Hiroyuki – Guilty Crown (Short Version)
ScoreKeepers – Category Eight
Sebastian Boehm – Rising
Sebastian Böhm – A Dream
See Trailer Tracks – AD2525
Selectacks – Out of the Ashes
Selectracks – Black Opium
Selectracks – Fatal
Selectracks – Fate
Sencit Music – No Questions Asked
Sencit Music – Triumph
Seysey – Dust of Time
Shades Of The Abyss – Cryptwalker
Shades Of The Abyss – Enter The Void
Shades Of The Abyss – Sanctum
Shades Of The Abyss – Valiant
Shahead Mostafafar – Eclipse (ft. Diana Semnani) [Switch. Trailer Music] Shahead Mostafafar – Evolution – switch. Trailer music
Shahead Mostafafar – Fallen
Shahead Mostafafar – Magnetic Fog – switch. Trailer music
Silver Screen – Born Of Fire
Silver Screen – Dark Hero
Silver Screen – Rise From Ashes
Silver Screen – The Gates
Simbi J – Collapsing
Simeon Bowring – For The Glory
Songs To Your Eyes – Wild Kingdom
Sonic Librarian Music – Freedom For The Fallen (Erik Ekholm)
Sonic Librarian Music – Paragon Of Virtue
Sonic Librarian Music – Zero Degrees
Sonic Librarian Music – Zero Degrees (Per Kihlborg)
Sonic Ozault – League Of Defiance
Sonic Symphony – Power Of Inifnity
Soundcritters – Colonization
Soundcritters – Colonization
Soundcritters – Forgotten Soul
Soundcritters – Haka War Chant
Soundcritters – Metacells
Soundcritters – Stormwyrms
Soundcritters – The Heaven Above
Soundcritters – Thunderlane
Soundcritters – To The Gates of Heaven
Soundcritters – Unity
Soundscritters – Fireheart
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm OST – Collateral Damage
Stefano Mocini – Inside
Stellar Music – Quixotic
Steve Mazzaro – Entering The Beast
Steven Price – Shenzou
Storm Sound – A Warrior’s Quest
Storm Sound – Don’t Lose Hope
Storm Sound YS – A Warrior’s Quest
StormSound – A Golden Age
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Aftermath
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Anger of Honor
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Arise
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – From the Ashes
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Genesis
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Heracles
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Involution
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Iron Giant
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Over the Mountain
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Rasa
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Tears of War
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – We Will Rise
Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Weighted Ground
Survival – Rick Horrocks RH Soundtracks
Switch Trailer Music – Existence (ft. Juliet Lyons)
Switch Trailer Music – Infinite Wonder
Switch Trailer Music – Spaceliner (Jasper Blunk)
Switch. Music – Legacy
Switch. Trailer Music – Between the Lines
Switch. Trailer Music – Emergence
Switch. Trailer Music – Entropy
Switch. Trailer Music – Existence (ft. Juliet Lyons)
Switch. Trailer Music – Interstellar
Switch. Trailer Music – Plague
Switch. Trailer Music – The Return of Astraea
Switch. Trailer Music – Where Civilization Once Lay
Switch. Trailer Music Spaceliner
Tenth Dimension – The Kingdom Prevails
The Hobbit – The Misty Mountains Cold
The Secession – Ash
The Secession – Ash
Theron Kay – Remember Us
Theta Sound Music – Evilium
Thomas Bergersen – A Place in Heaven
Thomas Bergersen – Cry
Thomas Bergersen – Merchant Prince
Thomas Bergersen – Ocean Princess
Thomas Bergersen – Rada
Thomas Bergersen – Sonera
Thomas Bergersen – Starvation
Thomas Bergersen – The Hero in Your Heart (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)
Thunderstep Music – The Horde Is Near
Thunderstep Music – Time Has Come
Todd Haberman & Daniel Law Heath – Thundering Sky
Todd Haberman, Daniel Law Heath & Aaron Kaplan – Dark Walk
Tom Player – Beckoning
Tom Player – Desolation
Tom Player – End Of An Era
Tom Player – Forever Lost
Tom Player – Gravity
Tom Player – In Flames
Tom Player – Resonance Theory
True Leap – A Symbol
True Leap – Final Trial
Tunes Of Fantasy – White Angel (Florian Bur)
Twin Scoring Studio – Last Hope
Twin Scoring Studio – The New World
Twin Scoring Studio – We Are Immortals
Twisted Jukebox – The Protector
Two Steps From Hell – After the fall
Two Steps From Hell – Archangel
Two Steps From Hell – Atlantis
Two Steps From Hell – Blackheart
Two Steps From Hell – Blackheart (Thomas Bergersen)
Two Steps From Hell – Breathe
Two Steps From Hell – Freedom Fighters
Two Steps From Hell – Frozen Paths
Two Steps From Hell – Lost in Las Vegas
Two Steps From Hell – Otherworld
Two Steps From Hell – Realm Of Power
Two Steps From Hell – Return From Darkness
Two Steps From Hell – Starfall
Two Steps From Hell – Strength of Thousand Men
Two Steps From Hell – The Ancients
Two Steps From Hell – The Fire In Her Eyes [Pandora Vers.] Two Steps From Hell – The Truth Unravels
Two Steps From Hell – United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Two Steps from Hell – El Dorado
Two Steps from Hell – Protector of the Earth
Two steps From Hell- Sun & Moon
Two steps from hell – Enigmatic Soul
Two steps from hell – Enigmatic Soul (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)
Valentin Boomes – Aurora
Valentin Boomes – Evolve
Valentin Boomes – Fuse
Valentin Boomes – Mana (ReallySlowMotion)
Valentin Wiest – Heart of Fire
Valentin Wiest – Millenium Watchmaker
Veigar – Revelations
Veigar Margeirsson – Loyalty Remains
Veigar Margeirsson – Mythical Hero
Vindsvept – Forsaken
Vitaliy Zavadskyy – Assassin’s Creed 4 Soundtrack
Vivien Chebbah – Imperia
Vivien Chebbah – Lights of Resonance
West One Music – In the Face of Tragedy
West One Music – Journey To The Abyss
West One Music – Titans Of War
White Wall – A Warrior’s Call
Will McTavish – Final Hope
Winifred Phillips – Deliverance (AC3)
Winifred Phillips – Liberation – AC3
Winifred Phillips – Liberation Main Theme (AC3 OST)
Wintershade – Era of the Paragon
Wolf’s Den Music – Demon Hunter
X-Score – Ark
Xiaotian Shi – Star Of Beginning [Switch. Trailer Music] Xiphon Audio – Look to the Sky
Xtortion Audio – Breach Of Trust
Xtortion Audio – Tourniquet
Yasuharu Takanashi – Decision
Yuri Fiorini – Outlands
Zachary Meyers, Aaron Kaplan & Daniel Law Heath – Abandoned Freedom
Zack Hemsey – Mind Heist
Zack Hemsey – See What I’ve Become

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