A Legend


A Legend

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Published on August 27, 2015 by JoJaxs

There are the creative people in this world that welcome diversity and there are the followers that fear it and only accept it when everyone else does. Those that rule the world constantly put their ideas into the world to be adopted or criticized by the same people who will adopt their ideas in the future. The creators of new ideas are not afraid to do what nobody else does, dress how nobody else does, live a life that nobody else can understand, think like an individual who has a mind similar to no other and inhale criticism like it the drug that keeps them alive. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out in the world, if you are worth paying attention to you will standout, you will be criticized and you will be turned into a leader to those who once criticized you; it’s the leaders of the world that make the difference in it, anyone else is just going to be a stone that holds up the walls of someone else’s empire.

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