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Published on August 27, 2015 by JoJaxs

You’re on your death bed, your loved one’s hand holding yours, endless beeps of a heart monitor counting down the minutes to your death, the most dearest person in your life looks you in the eye then tells you to look back on the life you’ve lived and recall everything you’ve done with your life, the answer you give them when they ask you if you’re satisfied with how your life turned out the last words you let out are: “I wish I could do it all over again.” — if you’re reading this there is still time. if you still breath you still have time to change the things you are not yet satisfied with. If you are reading this it’s not too late to begin to use the time you have left to alter the direction of your life. Fix your mistakes, make the best of the situation you’re in and create a plan now to send your life in the direction you’ve always wanted to be at. If you are lost and unsure where to take your life then decide one reason for yourself to live, give yourself your own purpose of life to live for and one mission to use your life for to make a difference in the world. You have one life that can not and never will be relived, If you are alive you will always have the power to take control of your situation and create a life that you can say you did not regret living. #TheJoJaxs #DecideYourPurpose

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