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Published on August 27, 2015 by JoJaxs

There have only been two kinds of human beings in all of earth’s history. There are the builders and there are the creators. The Creators (Edison, Locke, MLK, Einstein, Jobs) and there are The Builders (the ones who helped make our history’s creator’s visions possible). You’re either a builder who is making someone else’s vision come true or you are a creator fighting to make the vision you live for a reality. In the beginning everyone starts out as a builder working for a creator who has already decided to chase their dreams. At a certain point we all have the choice to take two paths, we can be a gear in another’s creation our whole lives or we can move on to create the vision we have always seen our lives being a part of and create a new opportunity that makes incomes for other people that will help build your vision until they too reach the same fork in life we all do that lets them decide if they want to be the gear in another’s machine or build an idea the world has never seen before. Have you decided to be a gear made to keep the world running or will you decide to chase an idea that could revolutionize the world? Be one or be both until you only have enough time to be one, but one thing is certain that if you never try both paths you will never see the future your idea is capable if creating. #ChooseYourSide

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